9 Reasons Why QuickBooks Hosting is All That a Small Business Needs

 20 July 2019      4 Comments

Complete Guide for QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks Hosting has been a popular cloud-based accounting solution for more than two decades now. But the scene was different before the software like QuickBooks came in. For years, MS Excel has been an integral part of all businesses. But maintaining sheets may not be all that simple as one might think. A running knowledge of the various tools of MS Excel and plenty of time to search for even the smallest of details in the sheets is paramount for those relying on Excel for their business process. The use of accounting software, on the other hand, has comparatively been a simpler task.

There are a number of reasons that make QuickBooks Hosting an utmost necessity for businesses of small and medium-size:

Anyone can use QuickBooks Hosting for accounting

Intuit, the mastermind behind QuickBooks, designed the software in a manner so that any user can learn to use the software with great ease. The market for QuickBooks Hosting is not limited to professional accountants who have complete knowledge in the field of accounting. In fact, out of the 85% lot that relies on QuickBooks for accounting, a major share is occupied by individuals and business owners who lack any professional knowledge in accounting. On top of that, for cloud-based QuickBooks, the hosting providers offer 24*7 free QuickBooks Technical Support to assist the users with their doubts.

It is scalable and flexible

One of the many reasons why QuickBooks is so popular among a number of users is the scalability feature. QuickBooks Hosting is useful for individuals, business owners, as well as accountants. Businesses, both small and medium in size can work on the software and enjoy all the features, alike. The number of users can also be added and subtracted based on the plan chosen.

Multiple users can collaborate in real-time

With desktop software, work in collaboration is possible only when the owner, his team, and clients are all present in the office. But, with cloud-based QuickBooks, a business owner can grant access to a particular set of files to anyone his/her reliable employees and clients and work together in real-time, irrespective of their geographical locations. All they need is a working internet connection.

Creating and tracking Invoices is highly simplified with the software

Business owners often need help with generating customized invoices. They often keep a couple of formats to send their invoices. But, with QuickBooks, it is far easier as QuickBooks allows users to create customized invoices based on their personal preferences. You can add the company logo wherever you think is apt and change the colors, just as you like it. Apart from that, you can the software also lets you track your invoices, see when your customer finds it, and get notified when you receive payments, all on the cloud-hosted QuickBooks Hosting. The software can be accessed on all of your smart devices, only if you have a working internet connection.

It saves time so you can focus on business expansion

With recurring invoices, no double entries, error-free calculations, payment reminders, and more, accounting with QuickBooks Hosting is quite effortless. Users save the time spent on learning excel formula, spending hours on maintaining sheets or making visits to the CPAs. Instead, the saved time and money can be invested in areas that are far more productive and allow businesses to grow.

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Is compatible with a number of add-ons

During the tax season, transferring data from QuickBooks to a tax software can promote errors and consume a lot of time. But, apart from being cloud-friendly, QuickBooks can also be integrated with almost 100 add-ons and tax software to make accounting and tax preparation more simplified and time-efficient. Errors can be significantly reduced and efficiency multiplied by syncing QuickBooks Hosting with add-ons.

Portability that lets you work on-the-go

What happens when your business files can be accessed on-the-go? You get the gift of portability. Data saved on the cloud-based QuickBooks Hosting can be accessed via smartphones, tablet, laptop, or Mac, irrespective of where the user is located. All that you need is a device that is connected to the internet. This portability has allowed business owners to track progress even when they are miles away from the office.

The software is easy to afford

QuickBooks has reduced the need for hiring a professional accountant, particularly for small businesses and start-ups that run on a low budget. Also, when hosting, users can choose their cloud services provider based on their plans. An ideal QuickBooks Hosting provider will provide its customers with a flexible pricing scheme, which means users can choose a plan that best suits their budget.

You can easily rely on the software

QuickBooks is highly reliable. Having more than 85% of the market share, the software is regularly updated and new features are frequently added. The popularity has only grown over the years for several reasons. For instance, QuickBooks comes in three different versions: Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, it can be integrated with a vast number of add-ons and applications and is also cloud-compatible.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to selecting accounting software for business, there is nothing like 'one size fits all' solution. Every business needs to conduct detailed research before finding an ideal solution that meets with the needs. QuickBooks Support, however, has proven to be the first choice of a vast majority of small and medium-sized businesses.

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